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What is a CRM (Customer Relations Management) Program?

In basic terms, it does exactly what it says on the tin. A Customer Relations Manager is a program that keeps up to date contact information for all your client base / customers. There is a number of standalone software available on the market today and when used properly it can make your interactions with your customer more efficient allowing you to focus more on doing the important things building your business. I was once told that if you have a good clean and tidy work environment it has the effect of allowing you to think clearly and operate efficiently. This ethic or way of thinking needs to be integrated into your day to day business.

The important part of a CRM program

Your contacts database is by far the most important part of your business. Without this there wouldn't be a CRM. You need to be able to gather information from your visitors and save that information so your business can use it for marketing and business development.

In 2010 Cork Web Design our parent company, developed a simple CRM tool for their Content Management System, that collects business details from a customer filling in a form, the program stores that information and by the click of one button and some clever programming, it opens your Microsoft Office Outlook, Creates a new Contact, Fills in all the details and you only have to click save.

Mail Merge and E-Mail Merge

So you have reached a point where you have a lot of contacts in your Microsoft Outlook. Now you have to communicate with your customer. The Enterprise and Corporate Digimarketing Packages have a HTML Newsletter option where we Design you a product advert or company information so that you can perform an e-mail merge to send an individual email to each of your contacts that’s personalised to them...automatically.

By sending individual emails through Microsoft Word and Outlook, 9/10 of your emails will arrive in the recipient’s inbox and not end up in the Junk Mail. It does this because of the individuality of the email. Spam programs in general love it when people select all their contacts into once email bcc field and send the single email to 1000+ people. That is a red flag to an Anti-Spam program and 9/10 of those will end up in the Junk Mail folder.

By using this email merge sparingly you will not annoy your customers and you will start to build a rapport as each time you send a mail to them you are telling them about your services. You will find that over time you will start to build your brand and become recognisable and your business will start to receive more business.

Email marketing like this is free to send, you don’t have to spend money on stamps, or envelopes, or most importantly you don’t have to spend much time doing it. It’s amazing how many people don't utilize this tool. We have a great service when it comes to advising our customers on how to market their business. We have been doing it for a long time for our own client base but as of 2010 we are not providing this advice to the general public under "Digimarketing".

We keep things Simple

Cork Web Design and Digimarketing have looked at many of the CRM programs on the market and we like to simplify things always so we started by adding the most important feature which is the contact manager. Over time we will add new features to this CRM system but we will always keep it simple.

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