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Over the years the internet has grown to a point where the whole world is now dependant on it for business, lifestyle and communication. For a business it has become especially important to have a website.

3 Million of Irish People are Internet Users
68.5% of Irish People are Regular Internet Users
1.35 Million of Irish People are Broadband Users
58% of Irish People look for advice online before buying
96% of Irish People believe they can save money online

Internet Stats Gathered from http://www.internetworldstats.com

So what does that mean for my business?

There are a very high percentage of consumers that will look up a company website before doing business with them. Your website is part of your overall branding and is often the first point of contact with a customer, it has to be sharp, professional, and simple to understand, and present your company in the professional light that it deserves.

How do I get a great website?

Cork Web Design provides highly affordable websites and a truly transparent service without any hidden costs. We have a team of highly trained professionals to create the perfect website for you. You need to contact us today on +353212348082 / +353876307006 so we can begin building your internet presence. We have great website packages to get you an online presents so we can make those great thoughts happen. And we have Digimarketing services to suit every size businesses, to be able to market your website to those 3 million internet users in Ireland.

What is Digimarketing and how can it help my business?

We have lots of experience at making websites perform to the best of their ability on Google and getting results. By using effective Digimarketing techniques we can drive traffic to your website by availing of Google Adwords campaigns. Your website will be at the top of Google Sponsored Links in 48 Hours and will start generating business enquires to your website because your advert will only appear to people searching from an geographical area that you choose. So you can target your business to within 25 km to your front door etc. You have 100% flexibility to where you want your advert to display. We perform analysis in your market and find out what your competitors are using list their website and we use that knowledge to make you more competitive.

With Digimarketing a smaller company can out-perform a larger company and the size of the company is less relevant.

Our Digimarketing Formula

What is Pay Per Click

  • You only pay when a customer clicks on an ad to visit your website
  • Advertisers bid on keywords that customers search for
  • When a customer searches for a keywords that you have bid on your advert appears

Questions about Digimarketing
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